Pure Magic Naturals started with two best friends who have a shared passion for natural body care, mostly because they want to stay youthful, cute, and healthy for as long as possible. Thai and Amber had been dealing with their rank pits most of their lives. The worst part was that they both seemed to smell nastier than their husbands! All the natural products on the market left them defeated by their own musky stench. Unfortunately, the only thing that worked contained insane amounts of clinical strength aluminum. 

When Thai traveled to Peru to teach yoga she forgot her regular antiperspirant deodorant. Terrified that her students would learn more about her funky armpits, than yoga, she searched high and low for a worthy product. What she found was a natural deodorant paste that worked! This was different than any natural deodorant that she tried in the USA. When Amber tested this miracle paste, she couldn’t smell her pits, instead, she smelled a winner. Liberation from the embarrassment of stinkin’ and toxic ingredients is something they could not keep to themselves. Over the next two years, the two besties mixed, tested, and perfected Magic Pits. 

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